Olive & Emi


Jean & Misa

5 kids + 5 kids = 10 Cousins

2 Supportive Husbands

7 piles + 7 piles = SO MUCH LAUNDRY

1 mini + 1 mini = Two vans, SEVERAL carseats, and more miles than we will ever know… and maybe enough cold stale FRENCH FRIES to equal a small fry at McDs

11:00pm + I need a BREAK = TARGET RUN

DC + COOKIE = battery recharge

1 idea + 2 sisters in law = Olive & Emi

The Product

We create PRETEND makeup for littles. We have several different products all aimed to keep your bathroom counter free from LIPSTICK STAINS and that eyeshadow you splurged on from getting GOUGED by your little cutie!

We offer subscriptions so your little ones can get a MONTHLY SURPRISE in the mail. It is the birthday gift that keeps on giving ALL YEAR LONG!

More surprises are still to come! We are new and excited! Hang on! Here we go!

Our Wish

Our wish is that your little will enjoy feeling “SO PRETTY” like mommy. That you won’t have to look over and find your chapstick in their mouth or find your bronzer in their play purse. We don’t want you to have to sacrifice your favorite makeup brushes to the toy bin.

MOSTLY, we want little girls to feel BEAUTIFUL inside and out. We want them to be CONFIDENT PURSE CARRYING, oversized HIGH HEEL wearing, plastic ACCESSORIZING, PRETEND MAKEUP wearing littles ones ready to CONQUER the world!